Pre-Father’s Day Confessions

Do you ever say to a friend or family member, “I have a confession,” only to realize moments later that it’s more like a statement of accepted fact rather than a divulged secret? 

For example, I often tweet/say/proclaim publicly that I am addicted to Cheez-Its. I nearly always tag a form of “confession” onto this statement, but I’m sure that all who know me are thinking, “Who’s this guy tellin’? We’ve known this for years.”

Speaking of things that I want but have no money for…


Reader, meet Stührling. Stührling, meet reader. 

Now, before you write me off as vain or materialistic, you must understand a few things. First, I’m currently using my wife’s old Blackberry Pearl until I can afford an iPhone. And I have to say, this thing has seen better days.

Using my wife’s Blackberry to get me by is an act of desperation that Les Miles and Jordan Jefferson could fully empathize with. And by that I mean that it’s just doing the job until I can tap out and start a new season (zing!). 

Until then, I’m relegated to using my beaten-to-Hades-and-back cell phone every time that I need to check the time. Occasionally, I’ll pull this cellular relic out during a meeting or some other social function to be immediately greeted by gasps, shrieks and ridicule that would make Rebecca Black point and laugh. 

Summary: I need a watch. And skeleton watches are pretty much the coolest things since sliced bread–wait, no, sliced cheese. And that brings me back to square one, which is a square one. 

Before we wrap things up, I need to state what this post is really about: my father. 

My dad is a very quirky, off-the-cuff, lighthearted and spirited man. He is also very sober-minded, frugal, wise and loving. I didn’t write a blog post for Mother’s day (sorry, Mammy!) because I simply forgot, but if I had, then I would probably tell you that what makes my father such a great man is the woman standing beside him. 

Similarly, if there is anything good that could ever be said of me (think for a few hours and perhaps you’ll come up with something) then it is most definitely a direct result, or an easily detected byproduct, of my dear ole dad’s influence in my life.


Happy Father’s day, Jay Lindsey. You’re a man after God’s own heart and the representation of who I aspire to be. 

Back to business: I’ve got a confession to make. I love Cheez-Its. 



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